The health and wellness space is bursting with amazing companies helping fuel active, well-rounded, and holistic lifestyles. The following list includes brands that I adore and support. More favorites to come!

Square OrganicsIngredients are what matter most, and Square takes that motto to the heart. Their organic protein bars are absolutely delicious and are chock-full of all of the good stuff: plant protein, nuts, coconut nectar, gluten-free oats, sea salt, and more. They have a variety of flavors, and I honestly love them all. My favorite is probably the chocolate coated crunch, and I typically store them in the fridge (not necessary) and eat them chilled. Coupon code: wellnesswithedie (for 20%-off).

Rootz Nutrition: These are paleo supplements made from real, wholesome foods. They offer delicious, clean-tasting pre and post-workout supplements. Their Paleo Energizing-Superfood is a blend of plant-based energy enhancers, herbs, and minerals like Yerba Mate extract, maca root, bee pollen, Asian ginseng, Rhodiola, and more. Their Paleo Protein-Superfood contains a combination of egg white hemp, and sacha inchi protein, along with spirulina, chia seeds, coconut, and other natural superfoods. I take their pre-workout when I need an extra boost (without the jitters) and I add a scoop of their protein powder to smoothies, chia pudding, overnight oats, and pancakes (it's also delicious on its own). Coupon code: wellnesswithedie (for 10%-off).

Altar Ego: Looking for beautiful, performance-based active wear? At Altar Ego, "We believe in women. We believe today’s women not only represent external beauty, but also inner strength, creativity, intelligence and compassion...We engineer all of our designs not only to perform but also to portray a greater meaning. Our mission is create innovative activewear that tells your story." Altar ego is a relatively new activewear line (est. 2014) based just north of Boston. They make all of their leggings in their local area, and their entire supply chain adheres to strict environmental standards and offers fair wages. Their first collections featured French Impressionist paintings, henna art and a number of special prints we created to represent different aspects of mindful living. Coupon code: wellnesswithedie (for 15%-off). I have these and I'm obsessed; they're comfortable and flattering.

Further Food: Collagen peptides and marine collagen peptides have a myriad of benefits. I'm totally hooked, and I truly notice a difference in my body. I love adding a adding a scoop or two to my smoothies, tea, overnight oats, and chia pudding (it dissolves and is relatively tasteless). Collagen improves joint health, builds bone strength, strengthens hair, nails, and teeth, promotes healthy immune and digestive systems, aids in ligament repair and flexibility, and more. Further Food's collagen is one of my favorites. Coupon code: WELLNESSWITHEDIE10 (for 10%-off)

I want to hear from you! Collaborations, questions, inquiries, etc. are well welcomed. Thank you in advance for reaching out.

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