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Presidents’ Day Weekend: Park City, Utah

Happy, happy Wednesay. How are you? How has winter been treating you? For many of us, winter can be a trying time of year. It’s cold. And dark. And depending on where you live, maybe the sky is a recurring shade of grey. Thankfully, winter in Denver is fairly mild, and there seems to be plenty of hygge to go around.

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Rittenhouse Square, Pennsylvania

One of the things I love about travel is experiencing life as a local. I have an affinity for grocery shopping where the locals grocery shop and eating dinner where the locals stop for dinner. I’ll stroll through parks and eclectic neighborhoods or even sign up for a group exercise class, just to get my bearings. And while Airbnb has paved the path for this type of travel, having a best friend who lends you her (or his) apartment is even better. Especially if that apartment is located in one of the most quaint, idyllic parts of a city.

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