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The Benefits of Green Tea: How to Keep Your Skin Nourished During the Holidays

As the temperatures drop and the holiday season picks up, you’ll likely find your immune system take a hit. Between the travel, the sugar, and spending time with your extended family members, you’re much more susceptible to catching a cold, feeling sluggish, or feeling dehydrated at the end of the day.

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Eats, Lately: June 2017

I'm starting a monthly series called "Eats, Lately," to round up recent dishes, snacks, restaurant meals, etc. While I love sharing food over on Instagram, I certainly don't post everything I'm consuming. First and foremost, I have a life to live! Second, I would already have 3k photos posted to my account—I love to eat, and I eat all of the time.

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Denver Botanic Gardens

Happy Tuesday, friends. How are you? If we were sitting down together, I'd tell you that it's been a relentless last few weeks for me. From attending an all-women's leadership camp in Boulder to helping host a jam-packed, two-day tech conference in Denver, to rounding out last weekend by brainstorming with my friends over at PlayHard GiveBack, I'm running on empty.

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