Day in the Life

It’s a beautiful thing when you realize that spring is here. According to the calendar, anyway. I’ve mentioned this before, but winter isn’t my favorite season. Having grown up in California, sunshine and mild weather are engrained in my blood. I do appreciate a cozy December evening and a blanketing Colorado snowstorm, but come February, I anxiously await the first signs of spring.

I’ve been in the Bay Area for a week, working remotely at my parents’ house + putting the final touches on a project — a project that was a blip of an idea less than a year ago. But that’s how anything tangible comes to fruition, right? A thought is sparked, based on a passion + a need in the market, and et voilà, a business is born. Or so I’ve been told. ;)

If you’re new around here, welcome. I travel frequently to Northern California — partially for work and partially for play. When I’m not plugging away on my own responsibilities, I’m supporting my mom’s business. She’s a restauranteur, and all of her restaurants are based near San Francisco. Truthfully, these trips are the perfect excuse to spend a few days in my childhood home, see high school friends, go to my favorite farmers’ market, and spend time with my parents. So today, I figured I’d show you a random day in my (California) life. I always enjoy reading these types of posts, and as someone who balances a handful of jobs, no one day is quite the same. For reference, this was Tuesday. :)

6:30am — My alarm went off, and I chugged a glass of water. Afterward, I immediately sat through a Calm meditation. It’s a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

7am — Breakfast + drank more ice water. I find that hydrating in the morning is much easier for me than hydrating in the afternoon, so I try and get my fill earlier in the day. To eat, I made a scramble with spinach and mushrooms, alongside a piece of g-free bread with avocado, fruit, and the best fermented salsa. I scrolled through my inbox while preparing breakfast.

I worked for a few hours, followed by one my favorite protein bars. I skimmed through IG while eating this (most days, I wait until mid-morning to check the ‘gram). Just as a side note, I have PCOS + insulin resistance issues, so I try and aim for higher fat / protein snacks in between meals.

11am — Health coaching client call, which I took outside in my parents’ backyard.

12:30pm — Lunch. I made a large salad with oven-roasted turkey, avo, sprouts, steamed sweet potato, corn, bell peppers, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, and this dressing. Plus, a few chips on the side.

1pm, onward — More work that I needed to complete from the morning, sent my client a follow-up email, and started drafting a freelance article. I drank more water + peppermint tea.

4pm — My mom came home from training for her triathlon (she’s a total badass), and I sipped on her banana, honey, and collagen smoothie before she dropped me off for a solo afternoon hike.

6pm — Dinner with my grandma, aunt, and my mom. Carpaccio’s chicken paillard with roasted veggies is divine.

8pm — Chatted with my husband on the phone while eating some dessert (coconut ice cream and a scoop of almond butter).

9:30/10pm — Quickly replied to a few Instagram DMs, then it was time for bed.

I hope you enjoyed this recap! And with that, I’m en route back to Colorado.