Buckwheat Banana Bread

Happy Monday, friends! It's been a hot second since I posted here, so I'm coming atcha today with a quick weekend recap and the recipe for healthy, delicious banana bread. 

This past weekend was a 10/10. It was full of satisfying food, self-care, movement, and a handful of the people I love — a recipe for all good things, right? Speaking of recipes, you can grab the ingredients + steps for this buckwheat banana bread on my Instagram. It's moist, filling, and not too sweet. I've been enjoying it straight out of the pan, with peanut butter and coconut yogurt for breakfast, and with ice cream for dessert. So yum.

But let's rewind to Friday. It was my mom's last full day in Denver (she flew out to help my sister move into her new apartment), so it was a busy one. I worked in the morning, grabbed lunch with my mom and sister at Whole Foods, worked through the afternoon, then ate dinner at Marcella's with the fam. I started with a candied walnut and beet salad, followed by a veggie pizza with goat cheese. Everything was delish. Pizza and pillow-y carbs for the win.  

Saturday morning, my husband and I organized our apartment, I baked a loaf of the aforementioned banana bread, then I headed to a spin class. It was a live DJ ride (what. a. party.) — I practically danced my way through the entire class. I've mentioned this a few times before, but exercise is no longer about hitting certain numbers, sweating an ungodly amount, or anything like that. It isn't about pushing my limits, being competitive, or using exercise to negate something I ate.

For the last year or so, I've focused on choosing movement that feels intuitive. Some weeks, I rest more than I move. Other weeks, I spend time on my yoga mat. If I'm feeling energized, I'll go to a spin class or two. Otherwise, I really enjoy walking and doing short weight lifting sessions. I don't schedule out my workouts (days in advance), and I let my body rest when it wants to. In other words, daily, grueling workouts are a thing of the past.

P.S. Pro tip: If your cycle studio gives you the option to opt out of showing where you are in the class (your ranking), opt out! That's what I do. No need to know where I "stand" amongst everyone else. Anyway, Saturday's class was the epitome of gratitude-filled movement, and I left with even more energy and a thankful heart. That afternoon, I got my hair done (at an amazing new-to-me place in Denver), then made shrimp tacos with my sister. I ended the night with more banana bread and chocolate ice cream.

Sunday started slow, then I headed to the farmers market with my sister and a close friend. Although I ate a filling breakfast at home, I got hungry mid-morning — I grabbed a decaf latte and a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie at Stella's to tide me over until lunch. That afternoon, my husband and I went to American Cultures. I've been wanting to go kombucha tasting for a while, and we really enjoyed it. I'm not a beer person, so in my world, kombucha flights > beer flights. Afterward, I squeezed in a few hours of meal planning for clients, then I met one of my clients at the grocery store. We shopped and chatted about how to incorporate gentle nutrition counseling while eating intuitively. For dinner, I sautéed a large batch of veggies and baby russet potatoes in pesto. Alongside a few handfuls of crackers and hummus, it hit the spot. But in true Edie fashion, I dug into some mint chip ice cream and a bowl of popcorn, blueberries, and mixed nuts for dessert.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything out of the norm? Cheers to a short week (we're headed to Seattle on Thursday!).

Keep in mind that this post does not include every meal + snack I ate. Just the gist of it!