Alex: Graduation Photos

In many ways, I believe our careers choose us. That is, so long as we're paying attention to the universe's signs. Armed with our passions, our innate strengths, and a bit of courage, there's no career we can't manifest.

Without a doubt, my sister was born to be a healer. A helper. A counselor. For as long as I can remember, she's always been the type to lend a listening ear, to speak from an empathetic heart, and to think with an open mind. Friends know her for her thoughtful, nurturing nature, and I know her for her comforting, healing words. She's all of those things — and so much more.

It came as no surprise that she wanted to go back to school after graduating from college. And with her drive, she made those dreams a tangible reality. Two years of sleepless nights, incredibly taxing days, and lifelong friends, my sister did it — MA in Counseling, baby! And to boot, she graduated with a perfect GPA. As part of her celebration, I took a few photos of her (and our mom) at Filoli. If you live in the Bay Area, or you're traveling to that part of the country, Filoli is a must-see. It's absolutely stunning.

My sister is a true testament to the beautiful space that exists between honing in on your passions and embracing the edges of your comfort zone. It can be a messy and unpredictable place to be, but I'm also convinced it's where the magic happens.

Congrats, J. The sky is the limit. Or as mom likes to say, the world is your oyster. We love you.

Onward and upward!

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