What I Ate This Week

Happy Wednesday, friends! How are you? I feel like we haven't had a proper catch-up in a little while. If we were chatting over a cup of coffee, here's what I'd tell you.

I'm currently in a smooth and steady season of my life. After a lot of uncertainty (leaving my old job to start health coaching, joining the CookIt Media team, beginning a holistic regime to balance my hormones, etc.), I'm simply letting the universe take the reigns. And it feels really good. Much of my adult life has been spent trying to fit round pegs into square holes — forcing things to coexist in an unnatural way. Read: attempting to be someone I'm not. I used to cram life's puzzle pieces into places where they clearly did not belong. But that's not my motive anymore. I'm no longer changing the things that aren't meant to be changed. Simply put, I'm going with the flow.

Nowadays, even when it's uncomfortable, I'm leaning into everything that's happening to me. I'm also leaning into everything that's going on around me.

On that note, I do think that there are two types of people in this world. The people who constantly assume life is happening to them — the victims, if you will — and the people who constantly embrace what's going on around them. The optimists. The problem-solvers. The go-getters. Most days, I land somewhere in the middle. I've found that there's a delicate balance between throwing up my hands to life's circumstances...and knowing that I have the power to change some of those said circumstances. Most of the time, it simply requires a shift in my attitude. Because while I believe that destiny (or the universe, God, etc.) has a plan in place, we — as humans — also have the ability to alter the course. To chase our dreams. To do something different, even if it feels wildly intimidating. Personally, the last few months have been about embracing what the universe throws my way. Every day. In all reality, trusting that my life's journey is destined for success is far superior than doubting I'm destined for failure. When negativity and self-doubt come knocking at my door, I'm doing my best to keep it shut.

Onto the foooood. I haven't posted a WIATW in a hot minute, so this is mostly a photo dump from the last two weeks. As a reminder, these aren't all of my meals + snacks. And I'm not here to elicit judgment. Instead, I'm here to show you what intuitive eating looks like for me (living with PCOS) and encourage you to eat foods that feel best in your body. Enjoy!


Smoothie bowls and oats for days. Also, always lots of nuts, cinnamon, full-fat yogurt, fruit, etc. added for satiation and nutrients. 


Lots of goodness: salads, eggs, avo toast, leftover pasta, and sandwiches + lunch out here (I had fried cheese, arugula, and a pretzel roll for lunch) and here (I had soup and a salad).


I ate out here, here, here, and here with my husband, colleagues, or friends. Dinners also included gnocchi, salmon, and unpictured leftovers.


So many delish snacks / dessert were had the past two weeks, i.e. cheese + crackers, delicious appetizers and gin cocktails, wine, ice cream, cookies and decaf lattes, falafels, and starburst. For good measure. ;)

Happy eating!