What I Ate This Week

Just like that, it's MAY. How did that happen? This time of year, it seems like everyone is catapulting themselves from one season to the next. BBQs! Park days! Sunshine! Good bye winter, hello spring. I know I'm not the only one who welcomes the flowers, farmers markets, and allergies with open arms.

This past week was a full one. Between work and having my in-laws in town, there was little downtime. Speaking of downtime, it's a vital part of my life. I thoroughly enjoy spending time solo. It's how I refuel and recharge. For that matter, my alone time is necessary (and coveted). I read, I walk, I listen to podcasts, I take myself to yoga, or I go spend a bit of money on myself. No shame. I've learned that in order to show up for others, I need to prioritize showing up for myself. Now, before you tell me that's a selfish mentality, hear me out.

I spent years catering to the needs of others. I neglected my own wellbeing for the sake of pleasing those around me. It drove me to a place of perpetual exhaustion and left me irritable and unfulfilled. So, carving out time for myself actually allows me to be self-less. Because once I'm able to fill up my cup, I can do the same for others. Maybe this resonates with you? If you currently find yourself in an energy deficit, I challenge you to slow down. Create some downtime for yourself. If necessary, put it in your calendar. Read a book, get some fresh air, go buy yourself a latte and a cookie, or download this hypnosis app. Your body will thank you. And if you want my guidance, I'm here to help.

Switching gears. My wonderful in-laws arrived on Thursday, and we spent the weekend eating and exploring beautiful Colorado. Denver, you're simply...the best. A few of the places we ate / drank at (see photos below): Work and Class, Kaos Pizzeria, Call, Olive and Finch, the Cherry Cricket, Duo, Stowaway, the Denver Central Market, and Los Chingones. I'm probably forgetting a few, but those are some of our favorite spots.

In terms of my eats, they were a mishmash of semi-boring, home-cooked meals and things like garlicky bruschetta, pizza (my fave), and sautéed shrimp with buttery polenta. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite from the weekend, and I am so thankful that I don't feel guilty or anxious around food. I eat what I crave, given the context of my day-to-day life. It makes for the happiest memories. 

As per usual, these aren't all of my meals / snacks — just a few photos from the past week. My eats aren't meant to elicit judgment. Instead, I'm simply showing you what intuitive eating looks like for ME. You do you, always.


Mostly smoothies / smoothie bowls, cereal with lots of berries and nuts, oats with PB and tahini, and full-fat yog.


Veggie wraps, fried eggs, salads and fries, leftover pizza, and the best smoked salmon + chive cream cheese sandwich from Olive and Finch.


Dinners were SO good this past week. Between the pizzas (both homemade and eaten out), beet salads, the vegan plate at Duo, tacos with jackfruit, (veggie) sausages, and brown sugar Brussels sprouts from Work and Class, I was so satisfied with this week's dinners. And yes, I've been on a mostly plant-based kick lately. 


The usual suspects: full-fat yog / nut butter / fruit bowls, kombucha, these snack bites, protein hot chocolate (1 scoop chocolate vegan protein powder + cocoa powder + maple syrup + warmed cashew milk), coconut ice cream, homemade guac + chips, etc.

I hope you have a great rest of the week. :)