What I Ate This Week

Hello, hello! What an interesting start to the week. We'll chalk up the last few days as...astonishing, heartbreaking, and equally sentimental around the world. On a more personal note, gusty winds in Denver left us without power for over 12 hours yesterday —  eek! Our fridge is now semi-empty, but at least we have a newfound appreciation for dim, candlelit evenings.

Before I dive into my weekly eats, I want to mention Sunday's non-food post. As I continue to evolve Wellness with Edie, there's a lot of unknowns on the horizon. Which, to be honest, makes me very excited! I do know for certain, though, that there will be more than just food and recipes posted here. I want this space to be well-rounded, resourceful, and lifestyle-esque. I'm planning to incorporate more travel posts, articles I find interesting, products I'm currently loving, etc. I'm sort of letting this space flourish in a very natural (read: not forced) kind of way. And, it feels good. In the meantime, welcome to another edition of "What I Ate This Week." It was a week of satisfying eats and getting back into the swing of things.

Speaking of getting back into the swing of things, it's been a busy month. Between California at the end of March and Texas at the beginning of April, spring is flying by. We were in Austin (a new-to-us city), and we loved it. We flew in on Thursday night and spent the weekend celebrating a good family friend. He's getting married in August, and it's one of a few weddings we'll be attending this summer. After wrapping up work on Friday morning, I went to a bridal shower with my mom, then enjoyed happy hour drinks, tacos, and all the queso. Saturday, the weather was pretty chilly, so my mom and I did some shopping, took a cycle class, then had lunch at Flower Child. We ended the night at a wonderful, BBQ-themed wedding shower. Bright and early Sunday morning, we flew back to Denver. It was such a great trip. And although we packed in quite a lot, it was not enough time. We will be back, Austin. :)

As I mentioned, we were in California the week before Texas. So, knowing that we only had a few days before jetting off to Austin, we didn't buy any new groceries. Instead, we simply made do with what we had. I mention this because while there was less variety than normal, I still ate intuitive, satisfying meals. If you're new to intuitive eating, this is something that I work on with my clients. But, there are also a ton of wonderful resources out there.

Point blank, intuitive eating has changed my life. One, I don't stress about perfectly balanced meals. Two, I don't worry about having every ingredient to make a certain dish. Three, if my husband spontaneously decides to take me out to dinner, I don't freak out about what I'm going to eat. Four, I don't judge my food choices based on other food photos on Instagram. To each their own. And five, if I'm out with friends and we've been drinking, I crave all of the salty carbs and that's A-OKAY. Intuitive eating is all about adapting to your circumstances, and the last few weeks have been a testament to that. So, onto the food. I've included some eats in Austin, but the rest are from meals in Denver.

As mentioned in my other WIATW posts, I don't photograph every meal / snack I eat. Sometimes, I simply forget to snap a photo. Other times, I'm too busy working. Or, most importantly, I'm too present in the moment to whip out my phone. But, at least you'll get the gist.


Same old, same old. Breakfasts this past week were some form of granola with nut milk, frozen berries, and almond butter, oatmeal, toast with more almond butter, full fat yogurt with fruit, smoothies, or pancakes. I also drank a few decaf (and regular) lattes in Austin (and Denver). Side note, I have two discount codes for you! The watch in my pancake photo is from Daniel Wellington. For 15%-off, use WELLNESSWITHEDIE upon checkout. The collagen peptides (that I put in my tea every morning) are from Further Food. Use WELLNESSWITHEDIE10 for 10%-off upon checkout. You're welcome. :)


A lot of eggs, lentils, avocado, cheese, crackers, and sandwiches were had this past week. I'm also currently on a 'nooch and Trader Joe's Almond Butter Turmeric dressing kick. In Austin, I had lunch (brunch) at Mattie's and Flower Child. Both restaurants were amazing. 


Ha, I don't have much to show for dinner. But, we had delicious tacos and BBQ in Texas and lots of random things at home — takeout, plant-based dinners, ground turkey and veggies, and more (unpictured) eggs + toast.


My favorite things! All the usuals — ice cream, leftover Easter truffles, energy bites, raw nuts, protein bars, chia pudding, banana bread with butter, etc. I also made a delicious mock 'tuna' salad with chickpeas and had that with chips throughout the week.

Alright, that's all I have! Drop me a line in the comments below with the best thing you ate last week. Have a good one, friends.