What I Ate This Week


The past few weeks, I've posted my "What I Ate This Week" on a Monday, but I had a special post lined up for yesterday — a vulnerable, honest re-telling of my relationship with exercise. For those of you who have reached out, thank you. You make my heart full, and I am thrilled that my post is resonating with so many of you. Anyway, that post was why my "What I Ate This Week" is getting posted today.

Last week, I was home in California with my parents. Due to the nature of my work — as a health coach, part-time account manager, and social media manager / copywriter — I can work from where ever the wifi exists. So, back to my roots it was. Although I was planning to return to Colorado on Thursday, I decided to stay through Easter Sunday. Sometimes, home is just too hard to leave. :) And, my husband flew out as well! By some turn of fate, he found a ridiculously cheap ticket on Frontier on Friday, and that was that.

So, onto my eats. I honestly didn't photograph much of what I ate. I also ate a lot of the same things last week. That said, if you're new around here, you can read more about my eating philosophies here and here. In essence, I'm an intuitive eater who loves everything from avocados and chia pudding to bakery brownies and cheese. I err more on the side of eating plant-based, but that's simply because my body enjoys those types of things. However, nothing is off limits, and I don't label or categorize my eats. I eat what makes me feel good, supports my hormones (I have PCOS), etc. On that note, my parents love to eat well, too. For the two of them, dinner is typically some form of protein, veggie, and starch, my dad loves smoothies and salads, and my mom enjoys the simplicity of nourishing, flavorful food. In so many ways, my parents are the epitome of health — they eat everything in moderation, prioritize self-care (despite their very demanding schedules), and they exercise for the benefits of a healthy heart and mind. When I'm home, it's easy to adapt to their lifestyle, and it's always hard for me to leave.


Before flying out on Monday morning, my sister and I ate at Modern Market at the airport. Hot, fluffy eggs, breakfast potatoes, bread (I got full pretty quick and only had one slice), and fruit. During the week, I either had chia pudding with lots of mix-ins (nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, protein powder, berries, etc.), oats, or eggs with avo toast. I kept it very simple before starting work bright and early. On Saturday, after a kick-ass spin class, I ventured out to a super cute breakfast spot with my sister. That tahini brownie was unreal. On Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast spread as a family.


As with breakfast, lunch was equally as simple. I pretty much had leftovers (salmon, unphotographed potatoes, veggies), a sandwich, or a salad with avocado, tahini, and olive oil every day. Plus, a lot more crackers + hummus than what's shown in these photos. On Tuesday, I helped recipe test for my mom's business, hence the random taco. I'm pretty sure I consumed POBB salmon almost every day, ha. On Saturday, my husband and I ventured up to the city and tried Jane on Fillmore. We didn't end up eating lunch until super late, but it was worth the wait; the restaurant is very quaint and the menu is heavenly. I had their "happy hippie bowl," and it was delish.


For dinner, we either ate takeout from my mom's restaurants, my parents cooked, or we ate out. We tried this place early in the week, and it was pretty good — not amazing, but I love Mediterranean food. We split a few appetizers to start, then I had their eggplant dish with rice and salad for dinner. The other night out, I had a crab / shrimp cocktail and bread to start, then polenta and a wedge salad with bacon and creamy dressing (unpictured) for dinner. I also had some red wine during the week. All things considered, this is a pretty measly representation of the dinners I ate this past week, sorry! 


As per usual, I ate plenty of snacks and dessert this past week. I had dessert every night (cookies and / or ice cream) and lots of good things to keep me fueled during the day. I ate Greek yogurt with nut butter and berries / bananas multiple times, toast, unpictured protein bars,  unpictured chips. YUM.

Alright, that's it! Tell me — what was the best thing you ate this week?