What I Ate This Week

Happy Monday, people! I hope you all had a relaxing, productive, and / or historical weekend. My sister was in town, so we spent the weekend cruising around Denver, soaking up the sunshine, and eating lots of good food. This weekend was a reminder that spring is here, that prioritizing self-care is so important, and that there's nothing more memorable than spending time with loved ones.

Today, I'm bringing you another edition of "What I Ate This Week." In case you missed last week's post, you can find it here. Similar to last week, I didn't photograph every single meal / snack I ate. I've been trying to spend less and less time on my phone, so I don't always have it within arm's reach for photos. Hello, living in the moment. BUT, I do have plenty to show you. And just as a reminder, posting a slew of food photos isn't meant to illicit judgment, comparison, etc. I eat in a way that supports my body, and I hope that you eat in a way that supports yours. Leave me a comment with something delicious you ate this week! 


This week's breakfasts were either oatmeal with berries + almond butter / tahini + whole milk yogurt, paleo pancakes with chia pudding, leftover carrot cake banana bread, or toast with butter / almond butter / avocado. I didn't snap too many breakfast photos, but you get the gist. Also, I typically drink tea with breakfast, but I love (decaf) lattes in the morning as well. On Saturday, we brunched at a new-to-us restaurant in Denver, Tupelo Honey (it wasn't anything spectacular), and I had the shakshuka with goat cheese grits and avocado.


Lunch is always my most random meal of the day. You feel me? It's either a salad with plant-based protein, lots of healthy fats, and crunchy carbs (typically in the form of crackers). I also love sandwiches or eating leftovers (i.e. pizza). Since I eat lunch at home 99% of the time, I assemble whatever we have in our fridge, and it usually takes me 5-10 minutes to put together. My sister and I had a picnic on Saturday, hence the Whole Foods sushi, brown box, chocolate, strawberries, etc. 


Dinners this week were so good...but that's probably because we ate out a few times. :) We only had a few meals at home, including a tempeh stir fry (which I re-purposed as leftovers more than once) and lentil pasta with salad (also re-purposed as leftovers). The other nights, we ate at Los Chingones (we shared chips, guac, margs, and I had veggie tacos), True Food Kitchen (I split a pizza and salad with my girlfriend + had a marg), and Osaka Ramen (my sister and I split the most amazing veggie fried rice and I had their salmon bento box). Sunday night, I made my husband and sister pesto zoodles with broccoli and I roasted a side of sweet potato chips. 


Onto my favorite part of the week — snacks and dessert! I ate my fair share of carrot cake banana bread, ice cream (feat. Nada Moo and Sweet Cooie's), Zing Bars, a GoMacro bar, homemade protein bites, cupcakes / muffins using the brownie mix from Foodstirs (HOLY YUM they tasted just like Betty Crocker's brownie mix), almond butter straight from the jar, and toast and avo.

Have a great week! Sending you lots of love.