What I Ate This Week

Happy Sunday, friends! I'm currently sitting on the couch, typing up this blog post before I run some errands and get organized for the week. I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick's Day weekend — whether you partied it up or not. :)

Last week, I polled my Instagram, and 99% of you voted YES for a "What I Ate This Week" post. So, here it is! But before I show you a slew of photos, I do want to mention a few things. One, the point of this post is not to illicit criticism. Or, influence your particular food choices. You're going to eat what you're going to eat. Maybe, though, this post will inspire you to think creatively when it comes to food. Food is fun! Also, I hope it makes you realize that food does not have to be picture-perfect to be delicious. None of these photos are styled or edited. At the very root of it, my main point is just to show you what a holistic health coach eats throughout the week. I'm an intuitive eater, but I do have PCOS — a hormone imbalance that causes my cycles to be irregular (among other things). 

On that note, I'm currently healing PCOS through diet, mindful exercise, minimizing stress, and holistic supplements. I eat in a way that — after much trial and error — supports my body. Thankfully, I am now getting my cycle (YAY!). And, I believe that a huge factor in healing PCOS has been keeping my insulin levels low. That's why you won't see me eating refined carbohydrates on the reg. Refined carbs aren't off-limits by any means, but they aren't standard staples for me. I plan to talk in depth about PCOS / food in a future post, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, if there's a party, a celebration, or I'm truly craving refined carbs, I honor that craving. Deprivation is not the goal. Eating happy, is. So, I don't stress about enjoying the occasional bagel, white pasta, restaurant-style bread, etc. 

Two, what's below is not every single thing I ate. There were some meals that I forgot to photograph. While I do love food, sometimes I'm a bit mindless when it comes to eating. Which — in my opinion — is completely fine. After being food-obsessive for so many years, I welcome some mindlessness around eating. Three, I am a petite female (ahem, 5'00” on a good day), so I'm not throwing back the same amount of food as a 6'3" football player. Obviously.

Lastly, this isn't about judgment. It is a visual way to celebrate that we all eat differently, and for that matter, that we should all eat differently. 


Breakfast this past week was oatmeal with protein powder, ground flax, chia seeds, whole milk yogurt, cinnamon, and nut butter with tea, paleo toast with toppings like butter, some of my grain-free banana bread with nut butter, or a smoothie bowl (unpictured). Coffee is not a regular thing for me (and most of the time, I choose decaf), but I had two work meetings out this past week, so I had coffee mid-morning. Looking back at these photos, I realize that I didn't eat very much fruit. Oops. Note to self: more antioxidants this upcoming week. 


Because I work from home, I eat lunch in my kitchen 95% of the time. I also find it to be a therapeutic reprieve from staring at my computer all day. I'll either make something on a whim (eggs, cauliflower rice with broccoli and cheese, a sandwich on whole grain bread, a large smoothie, a salad, etc.) or I'll eat leftovers. I had this soup with lunch almost every day. One day I whipped up my healthy salmon salad; I forgot how much I love that recipe! I also tried out these veggie deli slices this past week because they were on sale at the grocery store — verdict? Not bad. We also made a tempeh stir-fry on Sunday night, so that made for delicious leftovers on Monday. And just as a side note, I do eat meat on occasion, but I recently haven't been craving it much. 


Dinner is a smorgasboard of things. We'll either have breakfast for dinner, some type of stir fry, pasta, a hearty soup, protein / grains / veggies, etc. This meal is typically pretty balanced (carbs, fats, protein). This past week, we ate out twice (at True Food Kitchen — I had their salmon grain bowl and at Park Burger — I had a salad and a veggie burger). On Friday night, I attended a Whole Foods x Drybar event where I nibbled on cheese, crackers, fruit, and veggies. TBH, most of my dinners this week went unpictured.


Now, this wouldn't be a proper "What I Ate This Week" without including some of my snacks. I snack every day. This truly depends on how satiating my meals are (sometimes I underestimate my hunger and some days, I overshoot it.). My favorite snacks are protein-packed smoothies, granola with nut butter, homemade energy bites (if I have them on hand), protein bars without a million ingredients, chips and hummus, and trail mix. This past week, I baked a loaf of banana bread and made these cheesecake bars. Oh, and I consistently have something to eat within an hour or so of going to bed. I don't go to bed hungry — my body needs the extra satiation to help me sleep at night, keep my hormones happy, and more.