Gipsy Kings at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The night before we left for Finland, we packed a picnic (ahem, picked up a few items from Whole Foods), and headed to the Denver Botanic Gardens to watch the Gipsy Kings. We chatted with the strangers sitting next to us, snacked on the food we brought, and enjoyed the beautiful late-summer evening. Colorado is notorious for warm August nights and they're meant to be enjoyed outside. The Botanic Gardens is just the place.

When we arrived, we waited in a long queue before getting into the Gardens. Even despite getting there an hour early, the line was already wrapped down a few city blocks! For my Denver friends, the earlier you can get there, the better. We still had a great spot for the show, but we were on the very slanted portion of the amphitheater. Also, make sure you bring a blanket or camping chairs. Oh, and any utensils (a wine opener!), cups, napkins, etc. you'll need.

Had we not been leaving for Europe the next day, I would have made a hearty dip and sandwiches for us. Naturally, though, we had very little left in the fridge. So, Whole Foods to the rescue. We grabbed a few slices of pizza, a salad, two kinds of cheese dip, tortilla chips, strawberries, and macaroons. We brought wine from home, sans a bottle opener (*face palm*). Luckily, we didn't have to search far to find one.

Simi Stone opened for the Gipsy Kings—she's an R&B singer with a hilarious personality and a beautiful voice. The Gipsy Kings were amazing. As expected. I grew up listening to their upbeat music (my dad is a Gipsy Kings aficionado), and my husband and I frequently listen to their albums. By the end of the concert, we were all standing up, dancing to the rhythm of their soulful, festive songs. Neither of us wanted the concert to end. It was a sweet ending to a busy month, and the perfect way to kick-off our vacation. Until next summer, DBG!