Weekend Recap #2

Happy Monday, friends! I just ran out to grab some lunch, and now I'm bundled up at my desk. It's freezing outside. We're talking a chilly 30 degrees—unlike yesterday's 70+ and sunny weather. But, that's Colorado for you. For those of you who live in Denver, you know that fall has arrived. Come October, there's a lovely ebb and flow of bluebird skies and sunshine, followed by cold mornings and the occasional snowflakes. But, no complaints. Mother Nature simply does her thing here.

Weather aside, let's chat about this past weekend. I've decided—possibly against better judgment—that weekend recaps are here to stay. So, here's numero dos. You can read last weekend's recap here. With the World Series underway, we spent a portion of our weekend watching baseball, of course. My husband is a die-hard Dodgers fan (I'll forever hold a place in my heart for the SF Giants, though), so he was on the edge of his seat for most of the weekend. But in addition to watching plenty of sports, we also ate good food and saw good friends.

Week after week, Friday nights turn out to be pretty low-key for us. This past Friday was no exception. After work, I got busy in the kitchen and baked some cookies for us. Spoiler alert, we ate them all in one day. Oops. Afterward, I unrolled my mat and took my first yoga class in months. It was humbling, to say the least. Once I got home, I whipped up dinner and we watched baseball. We had roasted delicata squash and sweet potatoes, along with sautéed chicken and asparagus. We had a few more cookies for dessert (obviously).

On Saturday, I spent about 90% of the day in my pajamas. No shame. I worked on various freelance work and had a coaching call in the afternoon. I think I walked about 100 steps the entire day. And that's totally fine! Some days, my body wants less movement than others. To stay fueled, I had a large stack of pancakes for breakfast, a hearty sandwich and crackers for lunch, and lots of snacks throughout the day. We had eggs and other random leftovers for dinner. For dessert? The last few cookies. So, yeah, the entire batch lasted us less than 24 hours. 

On Sunday, I woke up early and had breakfast, then went to a meditation yoga class. It was wonderful. Meanwhile, my husband ran to the grocery store and went to the gym. Around noon, we drove up to Boulder to spend the afternoon with friends who were visiting from out of town. We spent time with one of my husband's best college friends / groomsmen, his wife, and his groomsmen's brother and his girlfriend. We watched football, ate lunch, and did some day drinking in town. Then, we walked through CU's beautiful campus. It was Sunday afternoon bliss. The weather was perfect—sunny, 72, blue skies. I love Boulder (my husband went to CU). Truthfully, we don't take advantage of weekend trips to Boulder often enough. More to come :)

Sunday night, we watched another baseball game, and I threw everything into a skillet and called it dinner. Leftover quinoa, black beans, sweet potatoes, asparagus, eggs, and avocado. Dessert was some Love Grown cereal, Honey Mama's chocolate, and tea before bed. I wrapped up some freelance work and called it a night.

Whether you watched baseball, went to a Halloween party, or partook in plenty of self-care this weekend, I hope it was a good one. Oh, and in other news, I have a few life changes that I'll chat about soon. No, I'm not pregnant, and no, we aren't moving. Until then, have a wonderful week!